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About us

Since 1988 Reynchemie has been a successful trendsetting company with innovative products for both new constructions and repair and renovation products for old listed monuments.

With its extensive and innovative product range, Reynchemie sets the quality standard in terms of high technology, quality and top service with high added value for the customer. Our products are applied in facade cleaning, water protection, wood renovation, natural stone restoration and imitation and chemical anchoring. Various paint products, epoxy mortars and cleaning products are also part of our range.

Besides its own products Reynchemie is the exclusive distributor in Benelux of the lime products of Saint-Astier and exclusive distributor in Belgium of the paint products of Brantho-Korrux.


Pycke de ten Aerde Castle

Huysmanhoeve Eeklo

Stack house Ostend

Cellar sealing Aalter

St. Gertrudis Church Laakdal

Villa Bekkevoort

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